PROTON ENERGY has started with the manufacturing of Energy Transmission Line Masts, switchyard and Transformer Stations steal construction manufacturing , belonging to the 34.5-154 and 380 kv lines in compliance with the TEIAŞ and TEDAŞ technical specification starting from year 2005 onwards.

Apart from that the design as well as the manufacturing of the Energy Transmission Line Masts belonging to the 33-125-220 and 400 kv which is used abroad is being carried out.

The Transformer Stations (also called switchyards) are plants that vital in terms of the ‘’electrical energy supply reliability’ which is a symbol of development, these stations are at the connection point where the electrical energy is transmitted from the production to the transmission system (interconnected system) and from the transmission system to the distribution network. In order to reduce the losses during the ‘travel’ of electricity from the production until the consumption, the voltage in the two main parameters (the other one is current) is firstly upgraded at the Step-up Transformer Stations, afterwards reduced at the step-down Transformer Stations (İTM). At the production point the voltage levels are at 0.4kV, 3.1kV, 6.3kV and 10.5kV level 154kV and 380kV, these are transmitted to far places with energy transmission lines (ENH) and are transmitted to local electricity distribution companies (TEDAŞ) through TEİAŞ, and the distribution network starts at 36kV level. The plants that are established at these points where the transfer is carried out from the production to the transmission and from the transmission to the distribution system and where switching (on-off) is carried out are called Transformer Stations. .