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Proton Energy; In the recent years due to the fact that along with the highways which are being renewed each day and the number of which increase with every passing day, parallel to this the increase of the numbers of vehicles that are on the roads and the traffic and especially the fact that the interurban main roads are in the middle of Central places the need for pedestrian crossing has increased. Especially in big cities, many people loose their lives when they are trying to cross the road. In order to solve these problems, the best alternative is to increase the numbers of pedestrian crossings. Pedestrian crossings, generally are divided into two such as subway and overpass. After some observation that is carried out it has been understood that pedestrian overpasses are healthier, more clean, more secure and less problems when compared to the pedestrian subways. When we look generally in our Country we can see that steel and concrete in the construction of pedestrian overpasses is in the foreground. Steel construction has many advantages when compared to the concrete construction.

Flag and Projector Masts with Flag

* Height: 6 m – 100 m
* Single piece Mast made with tight fitting polygonal modules * Ground flange is present for anchor foundation mounting.
* Optional protection or portable ladder and platform
* Suitable to aerial mounting

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Railways Catenary Poles

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