Welding of TIG, MIG, PUNTA and all kinds of materials on the produced materials is being performed in our facility with our experienced staff.

MAG – MIG – TIG and Point Welding

      • DKP and Stainless materials from 1 mm to 10 mm with MAG Weld
      • Aluminium materials from 1 mm to 10 mm with MIG Weld
      • DKP, Stainless and Aluminium materials from 1 mm to 6 mm with TIG Weld


Welding is merging of materials at weld zone by using heat and/or pressure with or without additional materials. The purpose of production for welded structural elements is to produce at the lowest cost, ensuring full functionality and long serviceable life. When welding, it must be ensured that the local characteristics of weld zone and the effects of merged parts on the whole construction are well known in advance.


1. Conformity of materials for welding

2. Welding safety of construction

3. Weldability of production

If a material can reach an all-purpose welding quality in terms of it’s certain construction and production characteristics, then this means that this material is suitable for welding. If a construction, after being formed by a certain material and production methods, can fulfil its expected functions under pre-defined operational conditions then this means that the material does have welding safety. If a production with welding can be easily produced as a construction made of certain materials, under pre-defined production conditions, it means that it is weldable.