Proton Energy, is manufacturing Projector Masts, which are especially used for the lighting of large areas such as crossroads, squares, highway and bridge ticket windows as well as the airports and these masts can be manufactured in various heights. For the maintenance of these Projectors, they have varieties such as with Projector masts with lifts, with maintenance platforms and with ladder. Apart from that there options that are suitable for single, double and circular arrangement. Indirect lighting masts, are lighting systems that are especially preferred at the airports where unnecessary light reflections are not desired. Lighting fittings are mounted to the previously calculated heights of the mast and are directed to the reflectors at the top of the mast. By means of this system the provision of a better quality and homogenous lighting is possible.

Projector Masts with Lift, are used at the square lightings such as airports, bus terminals, crossroads and the storage yards of ports and industrial estates. The platform where the Projector is connected ensures the undulate movement with the assistance of the lift system.


* Height : 6 m – 60 m
* Ground flange is present for anchor foundation mounting.
* Optional Protection or portable ladder and platform
* Console the is required for the mounting of the projectors
* 1 directional, 2 directional, 3 directional, 4 directional lightings
* In compliance with the TEDAŞ or EIA / TIA-222 F standards