• Energy Transmission Line Masts
• Transformer Station Manufacturing
• GSM Aerial Radio TV Transmitter Masts
• PTT Radio Link Masts
• Lightning Conductor and Camera Masts
• Lightning Masts
• Flag Masts
• Projector Masts
• Stadium Lighting Poles
• Flag and Projector Masts with Flag
• Advertising Masts
• GSM Monopole Masts

• Industrial Plants
• Earthquake Resistant Steel Housing
• Project Design, Manufacturing
• Consulting
• Overhead Conveying Systems
• Steel Construction Pedestrian Crossing
• HES, GES, RES Power Plants Steel Construction Manufacturing
• Railways Steel Construction Signalization Manufacturing
• Railways Catenary Poles
• Galvanized Grate Manufacturing

Proton Energy; has started its operations in Ankara Province Kazan district, it has put the hot-dip galvanized plant into use. Our facility has documented with a quality assurance system that is environment conscious taking the quality standards into account along with the high production capacity. It has established a big manufacturing plant in Ankara province Sincan district, ALICI Organized Industrial Site which is the Ankara 2nd and 3rd Organized Industrial Site, which is a significant investment and it is continuing its manufacturing activities with its qualified expert staff.

Regarding the production range;1-12-1030x687

      • Energy Transmission Lines,
      • Power Transmission Lines,
      • Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, and joint mains distribution line masts,
      • Telecommunication Towers (Radio-Link, GSM, Aerial)
      • Road, Projector and High Lighting Masts, Stadium, Flag and Advertising Masts,
      • All kinds of  tubular poles,
      • Project Design, Manufacturing and Galvanization.

All these manufacturing; are carried out according to the ASTM A123, ISO EN 1461 international standards with “hot-dip galvanized’’ coating.

The Co1-35mpany is known for completing the works that it has taken in other sectors, its quality and its affordable prices.

The main target of Proton Energy with its infrastructure and technical power and experienced staff is to ‘’to achieve the best’’.

Proton Energy is continuing to work rapidly in this target in order to place the PROTON brand where it deserves to be in Turkey as well as in the international market by putting the Customer Satisfaction always in the forefront and by developing the product and service quality.